Interviews with leading minds in health and medical innovation

Kevin Lamb

In Your Hands is a series of conversations with leading minds in healthcare, to find out how the future is being shaped so that you can learn how to take your health into your own hands. Hosted by healthcare pioneer and entrepreneur Kevin Lamb, each episode explores innovation and mankind’s endless capacity to reimagine healthcare and medicine in the face of adversity.

After 35 years in the industry, Kevin has developed a reputation for originality, compassionate care and putting the patient first. Most notably, he built the largest provider of wound care supplies in the United States from the ground up. In 2018, he was named by Forbes.com as one of ten CEOs transforming healthcare in America.

He is now undertaking a range of global activities focused on creating better understanding of potentially life-changing conditions, amidst a health literacy crisis. One in three Americans have only a basic understanding of their health, a major driver of the growing number of deaths from preventable diseases in recent decades.